Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous (conference) interpretation (SI) is a specialized practice that demands an accurate oral translation done concurrently with the source speaker. Commonly used in large conferences and meetings, SI is a more complex and arduous process than consecutive interpretation. With our global network and years of experience in serving numerous front-page organizations, we can offer simultaneous interpretation services in Malaysia for all types of clientele. We have a clean track record of providing simultaneous interpretation services with high efficiency to globally recognized organizations such as Transparency International, United Nations, the World Health Organization and many others.

Maven International provides the equipment necessary for carrying out simultaneous interpretation, as well as a full oversight and management of equipment provision: delivery, set-up, testing, continuous on-site technical support and back-up, and dismantle.
The equipment includes:

  • Wireless headsets for the reception of real-time interpretation
  • Sound-proof booth for the occupancy of the interpreter, equipped with microphones and interpreter desks
  • Interpreters desktops
  • Radiators
  • Also, in certain instances we may be able to provide portable simultaneous interpretation equipment: mostly they consist of transmitters and receivers only.

    More information is available upon request.