Professional translation and interpretation services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Case study: Alliance for Financial Inclusion

The Alliance for Financial Inclusion (AFI) is the world’s leading organization on financial inclusion policy and regulation. A member-owned network, AFI promotes and develops evidence-based policy solutions that help to improve the lives of the poor.

Maven International has been providing AFI with translation and interpretation services since 2016. We have translated over 500,000 words of AFI’s content into French, Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic and Russian languages since then.

Our interpreters have worked on dozens of AFI events around the globe (Malaysia, Germany, Fiji, USA) since 2016 and remotely since 2020. 

Services provided:

Translation services:

  • High requirements towards accuracy and strict following AFI standards, guides, glossaries
  • Achieving standardization and consistency within and across projects
  • Highly technical and diverse content: policy models, toolkits, case studies, special reports, training materials and reports, publications.  

Conference interpretation project at AFI flagship annual event in 2016:

  • 16 interpreters needed
  • Three-day event
  • Up to 4 parallel sessions on certain days
  • Remote location (Fiji)

Translation services:

Project and style guides were devised and prepared for each language alongside the glossaries. Tight quality control measures were implemented to ensure continuous adherence to the client’s standards. Mechanisms were set to ensure all linguists in the team are motivated to perform to the best of their abilities.    

Conference interpretation project in Fiji:

We have screened, assembled and coordinated collective effort of a team of 16 professional conference interpreters from nearest locations to minimize the cost Malaysia, New Caledonia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand and Australia (there were no locally based professional conference interpreters in Fiji).


Maven International continues to be preferred vendor for the client since 2016, we have been entrusted with hundreds of thousands of words and numerous events since then. We can’t add more to this, our client’s feedback speaks louder:

Client's Testimonial:
"The working relationships between AFI & Maven had so far been pleasant. With the biggest project involving bringing a group of interpreters to our flagship event in Fiji in 2016. Rasil being the main point of contact had been extremely helpful in meeting our needs. Business service team (e.g. Abdul Aziz, Rasil etc) provides swift response on our requests and prompt delivery on all translation works.”
David Lee
PMO Lead