Professional translation and interpretation services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Academic research is vital to the world’s progress and the growth of knowledge.

With its own unique styles and rules, academic research requires precise, elaborative language that delivers points with impact while maintaining a scientific norm.

In our globalized world, academics often encounter literature written in other languages. Alternatively, they may find it easier to express or develop their thoughts in their native tongue, while required to submit an article, thesis or book in a foreign language. In both scenarios, academic translation is the perfect solution, enabling the multilingual transfer of science and thought.

To ensure accuracy, Maven International ensures that translations are carried out by our seasoned pool of academics in Malaysia and around the world, who adhere to style guides, formatting rules and understand both target and source languages critically.

For educational institutions with multilingual demographics, translation offers a cost-effective means to deliver knowledge, trainings and skills to target demographics. Whether you’re looking to provide online courses, workshops, seminars and make educational content available to a broader demographic or seeking to translate documents for an academic conference, Maven International ensures your access to a broader demographic, stronger academic impact and precise, nuanced quality translations.

Services provided:
British Council
Ibn Haldun Uni