Enterprise Grade Security

Data security

Confidentiality and security of our clients’ information and data is taken very seriously at Maven International.
First and foremost, ISO 17100 set confidentiality level: we’ll delete the documents from our archives and servers either immediately or after 30 days. Using our client portal allows us bypass emails and securely deliver files to translators and revisers. Moreover, we may set it that your files and documents are never allowed to be downloaded by assigned linguists all translation workflows take place on the cloud.

Apart from that we deploy client portal that is connect to our centralized project management platform. All the files that you submit to us are shared with vendors only over the portal. 

One of the reasons we implemented this portal is that many of our clients specifically stress the importance of confidentiality. Some of them strictly forbid the usage of email correspondence to send and receive documents as a matter of internal policy. It is important to note that the portal is ISO certified for information security management (ISO/IES 27001:2013 (information security)) which means the highest level of security of data transmitted to us. 

This applies to the client portal, our internal project management system, and vendor portals. They are all interlinked; once you upload documents for translation through the portal, we can directly share them with relevant translators and reviewers, thereby bypassing emails. Our translators then upload the translated files to the system using their portal. Long story short: no files are ever shared through emails. That said, we also have strict internal security procedures, guides, as well as NDAs that are mandatorily signed with all our vendors and employees.

Complying with GDPR.

Our portal allows us to meet GDPR legal requirements. The provisions of the regulation are applied by the following functionalities:  

– Accessing and modifying personal data by clients and vendors via the client and the vendor portals.

– Erasing personal data from our the portal upon request by the data owner (Client, Vendor or Employee).

– Tracking consents from clients and vendors for processing their personal data