Professional translation and interpretation services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


If you new to our industry you’re likely to come across certain terms for the first time. In order to avoid confusion and to have a better understanding of the solutions we offer, we dedicate this page to the most frequently used terms that we use when communicating with you. Please note that most of these terms are according to ISO 17100.

Concepts related to translation


Render source language content into target language content in written form.


Set of processes to render source language content into target language content in written form.

Translation workflow

  Processes or parts thereof, involved in achieving target language content.

Translation service

Intangible product that is the result of interaction between client and translation service provider (TSP)


   Examine the revised target language content and applying corrections before printing.


Bilingual examination of target language content, against source language content for its suitability for the agreed purpose.


Monolingual examination of target language content for its suitability for the agreed purpose.

Computer-aided translation (CAT)

Part of translation workflow in which a variety of software applications are used to support the task of human translation. (They can be referred to as translation tools, computer aided translation tools or, sometimes environment tools).

Machine translation (MT)

Automated translation of text or speech from one natural language to another using a computer system.

Machine translation output

Outcome of machine translation.

Post-edit Machine translation

Edit and correct machine translation output. The definition means that the post-editor will edit output automatically generated by a machine translation engine. It does not refer to a situation where a translator sees and uses a suggestion from a machine translation engine within a CAT tool (computer-aided translation).


Anything representing meaningful information or knowledge.


Subject field, sphere of knowledge or activity, having its own specialized culture, social context and linguistic characteristics.


Set of characteristics, information, or conventions specific to the linguistic, cultural, technical and geographical conventions of a target audience.

Target language

Language into which source language content is translated.

Target language content

Language content translated from source language content.

Source language content

Language content to be translated.

Source language

Language of the source language content.

Language service provider (LSP)

Person or organization who provides language-related services. Maven International generally acts as language service provider (LSP) in Malaysia and Turkey.

Translation service provider (TSP)

Language service provider that provides professional translation services. Providing translation service particularly, Maven International generally acts as translation service provider (LSP) in Malaysia and Turkey.


Person who translates.


Person who revises target language content against source language content.


Person who reviews target language content.


Person who proofreads target language content.

Project manager (PM)

Person who manages specific aspects of a translation project and is responsible for the process.


Confirmation by the project manager that specifications have been fulfilled.

Concepts related to interpretation


Interpret                       Render a spoken or signed source language into a spoken or signed target language in real time.
Consecutive interpreting modeInterpreting where the rendering of speech is performed into the other language at appropriate pauses or intervals during the interaction.
Simultaneous interpreting mode

Interpreting where the rendering of a speech into another language is done at the same time as the speaker/signer is delivering the speech.


Simultaneous interpreting mode where the rendering is whispered. Chuchotage is sometimes used when sound equipment is not available or when the audience is too small to justify the use of sound equipment.

Remote interpretingInterpreting using specialized equipment to communicate between the parties.
Telephone interpretingRemote interpreting using specialized telephone systems.
Relay interpretingInterpreting that occurs when an interpreter’s source input comes from another interpreter’s rendition rather than directly from the speaker.
Interpretation service provider (ISP) Person or organization supplying interpreting services. When providing interpretation services, Maven International acts as interpretation service provider (LSP) in Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and all over Malaysia) In United Arab Emirates (Dubai and all over UAE) and Turkey (Istanbul and all over Turkey).
Interpreter Language professional who conveys a message produced in a source language, be it spoken or signed, into a target language, spoken or signed, in real time, and whose task is to convey every element of message.
End user Person or group of persons who ultimately need and use the language service requested.