Professional translation and interpretation services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Government & NGO

Government & NGOs have been trusting Maven International services for many years. These organizations constitute a very large portion of our clientele.

Among our clients are such organizations as Interpol, United Nations, International Rescue Committee, Transparency International, Government of Malaysia, World Islamic Economic Forum, embassies of UK, USA and Sweden.

When providing translation and interpretation services for these clients, It is important to engage translators with right background and set of skills as it is important to use official language. In case of our NGO clients that deal with refugees, the confidentiality is a cornerstone issue and is taken very seriously. For official documents translation and high level meetings and events interpretation, it’s important to engage the linguists who can understand and render message in official language. In case of interpretation, resilience to stress is a very important trait.

Services provided:
"Thanks to Maven International, our Asia-Pacific region training conference was a huge success. It was great to work with the friendly and helpful project managers, technicians and interpreters who made a usually complicated process extremely easy. Maven International has outdone the majority of interpretation organization that we have worked with in the past. Thank you for helping us with our conference."
Katherin Chi
Kiwanis International