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Human Translation Services

Why human translation still relevant and important

Despite advent and widespread usage of machine translation, human translation is still very much demanded.

Human translation is irreplaceable in highly sensitive, technical content where accuracy is extremely important. In such cases as legal contracts, marketing materials or safety & security manuals. 

When it comes to flow of ideas between paragraphs, chapters and where coherence and cohesiveness are important, human translation performs much better than machine.  

Needless to say that human translators can mitigate risks with content that may cause cultural misunderstanding. 

Certain messages require tone, style to be properly preserved and rendered in target language in order to achieve the result. This is where machine translation will fail you. 


Expert vs Standard Translation

We understand importance of subject matter knowledge by our linguists. Certain documents, such as highly technical manuals for Oil and Gas companies, Medical reports, safety guidelines in manufacturing field – require not only translation skills and fluency in source & target languages, but understanding of the subject matter content. We treat such content as expert and only allow translators with academic and/or professional background to perform such translation.


Selection of Translators

We have 3 tier protocol to vet & assess academic and professional background of every translator that perform translation for us

Process Workflows

There is no size fit all approach, You’re in the driving seat: the cost of your translation depends on your requirements.

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