Professional translation and interpretation services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


First and foremost legal content is translated and revised by translators who have academic and professional background in legal field.

But there is more to it than that. Since law is culture-dependent, translators who are specialized in the legal system that prevails within the issuing authority/nation must be used.

Furthermore, regulations differ from one country to another when it comes to legal translations, which only adds to the complexity of this domain. Our legal document translation services in Malaysia include the translation of business contracts, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements, company bylaws, memorandums of understanding, terms of use, business plans, operating agreements, terms and conditions, online terms of use, meeting minutes, and many more. Contact us for a free quote on legal document translation today!

As a translation service provider in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we guarantee the confidentiality of all our clients’ information. Right after the translating service is complete, we will delete all your submitted documents from our servers, emails, and databases to maintain your privacy.

At Maven International, legal translations are measured for quality using the following benchmarks.

  • Will the translation be legally interpreted in the same manner by legal professionals in the target language?
  • Are linguistic and cultural differences accommodated within the text?
  • Does the target translation function within the target language’s legal, political and economic setting?
  • Does the target translation ensure no room for liability or misinterpretation is introduced to the text?

To name a few, these are our highest priorities in providing legal translations to our clients. To achieve consistent quality, our legal translators are familiar with the source and target legislation, while our stringent quality control ensures documents’ syntax and terminology are consistent with source documents.

Maven International brings you certified and seasoned translators with the experience necessary to ensure rapid precision, quality without compromising turn-around times.

Whether you’re a legal institution, private firm, company or an individual seeking the best in legal translation; Maven International applies strict confidentiality and information control measures to ensure your privacy.

Our reputation for legal translations was gained from our extensive service to courts, international organizations, businesses and individuals.


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