Professional translation and interpretation services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Manufacturing & Engineering

In manufacturing and engineering, technical documentation is complex, lengthy and requires a specialist’s understanding of key terms to avoid costly errors.

Maven International provides expert translation services to companies in Malaysia and around the world with their dedicated translation need in automotive, chemical, machinery and construction.

At Maven International, we provide our industrial partners with technically precise and fluent translations. Global industrial sectors use advanced scientific terms and technical words to describe specifications, operational details, functions, and crucial end-user safety information. Our precise translations are key to maintaining the best possible end-user experience for you, and meeting safety regulations in every target market.

Our professional experts and translators specialize in various manufacturing and engineering fields, and can serve as the competitive edge you need to cost-effectively take projects internationally with precision, localization and profit.

We realize the timelines you operate under, and therefore ensure projects are kept on track from planning to final-stage reviews. Our tried-and-tested quality control system utilizes a careful series of checks and balances throughout every stage of the translation to ensure the final product meets your specifications and your approval.

We pay very close attention to consistency and accuracy, and particularly terminology management by using Computer Assisted Technology (CAT), extensive translation memories and fine-tuned glossaries to ensure your target translation meets every expectation and quality standard.

Please note that we’re able to process, translate & preserve your technical content in the following formats:

Service provided: