In one of the most deeply internationalized industries with the largest global footprint, transnational business relies on the top tier translations of vital business documents including multilingual contracts, marketing content, training material, and essential specification documents.

With fluctuating energy prices, an expanding oil and gas industry, and changes in global policy; communication between oil exporting companies and countries increases.

Maven International is set to meet your needs for rapid, efficient translation services that meets your industry’s standards and specifications, having worked extensively with major oil and gas corporations in Malaysia and the world.

Maven International brings you the proficient translation you need to scale up your connections with the world, while ensuring competence with the technical terminology and industry translations you require.

Please note that we’re able to process, translate & preserve your technical content in the following formats:

Service provided:
  • Operation and installation manuals
  • Seismic reports
  • Refinery working papers
  • Licensing agreements
  • Terms of reference agreements
  • Drilling reports
  • User operation and installation manuals
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)
  • Supply contacts and license agreements
  • Marketing content, strategic papers
  • Upstream documentation (sounding, exploration and production)
  • Downstream documentation (refining, processing, sales)
  • Energy policy and legislation
  • Multilingual contracts and terms of reference
  • Regional and international conference in oil & gas field
  • Training, seminars and webinars in oil & gas field
  • Interviews
  • Audit visits
  • Training 
  • Meetings with partners and stakeholders
"At short notice, arrangements were made for us to go directly to the hostels and speak with groups of workers from several countries. The Maven team were very professional, flexible as needed and worked well with us auditors. The team from Maven contributed significantly to the success of the audit and both my colleague and I are very pleased and grateful with the level of service given."
Thivakaran Narayanan
Det Norske Veritas AS