Professional translation and interpretation services in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Overview of interpretation

Interpretation service can be defined as the rendering of oral speech from one language to another in spoken word. Usually, the interpreter is on site and performs it with the client in settings such as a meeting room, conference hall or courtroom where involved persons speak different languages.
Our global reach and network of trusted and reliable interpreters allows us to meet your demands anywhere across the globe. In fact we have already provided interpretation services in 4 continents! Our company representatives speak English, Arabic, Russian, Malay and Turkish languages.

Interpreter's selection

Our database of interpreters is already vast and resourceful. Thanks to our wide reach and network we’re able to identify suitable and available candidates for the tasks of any complexity anywhere on the globe. 

However we do need to expand our database for new interpreters under unique circumstances and to meet our clients’ needs. 

In such scenarios we deploy  tried and tested methodology of identifying and engaging new candidates. It includes 3-tier vetting procedure to assess candidates background and suitability for the task at hand. 

When selecting interpreters, we carefully check spoken languages and required locale. Unlike translation, other skills, such as presentability, ability to speak in concise and clear manner and high level of resilience are paramount to deliver.   

Depending on interpretation type, and jurisdiction, interpreters may require valid working permits and certain clearances. 

Right interpreter for the right task

Different tasks set different requirement towards interpreter skills and level. The field of interpretation services is very  fragmented and there is no one size fits all approach when assigning interpreters. Interpretation on government level requires highest level of resilience & ability to comprehend and speak official level language, as well as knowledge of official protocols. 

Court and community interpretation services on the other hand may involve graphic content and images that the interpreter needs to be ready to face. 

In terms of cost, the interpreters demands vary depending on their level. Quite often the interpreter may even be overqualified for certain interpretation tasks (specially for the assignments that require very cost-effective approach, NGO and refugee related settings). In such cases we intelligently match the interpreter with right set of skills & level to the right task, so our services are always cost-effective for the right occasion. 

Quite often, the interpreter is required to have industry specific knowledge (either on academic or professional level). This is quite often for the projects in medical, engineering, legal and economic fields. We apply these requirements to identify and assign the right interpreter. Please refer to our industries pages for more information.

Remote format

COVID-19 has had huge impact on global operations. Numerous events got cancelled. The impact and aftermath of COVID 19 would be still felt in coming years.  Lots of seminars, trainings, interviews continue to take place online. Remote interpretation has been around for some time already, however in the wake of pandemia, remote format has become one of the most sought-after solutions in the interpretation field. 

We provide remote consecutive and simultaneous solutions and necessary tools to carry it out. Please refer to the remote section in respective interpretation service page. 

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Consecutive Interpretation
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Conference Interpretation
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