Overview of translation services

Content that we can work with, can be in different forms and formats: website content, documents in different formats, legal contracts, software, smartphone applications and so on. 

We have successfully delivered thousands of projects, including some projects with total volume reaching up to 1 million words.

 Cultural and linguistic nuances can mean big differences: this is why we differentiate between different locales in each language: Canadian French is differentiated from France French, Latin American Spanish is set apart from Spain Spanish. This is not required for every project however. The term translation means localization as well: we apply localization techniques when and where we see that your content requires adaptation to a certain locale.

Translation services that are

Cost Effective

Achieve savings without compromising quality


We can interact and publish content directly on your platforms


Experience continuous localization of your content


Hassle free and cost-effective scaling of your translation needs

We deliver turn-key translation solutions to our clients which means that we deliver translated (localized) content in the same format & on the same platform. Formats range from standard document files to scanned images, subtitles and design files. Apart from that we can directly connect to your environment: platforms that you use to store content, including content & document management systems, developers’ tools, code repositories and many more.

If you order human translation, rest assured that your content would be only human translated. We have our internally developed tool to run automated checks on every human translation project to detect possible usage of machine translation. By this we can ensure that our translators are not cutting corners when performing translation tasks.  Maven International conforms to ISO 17100:2015 quality standard for translation services

Why ISO 17100:2015

ISO 17100:2015 is the only quality standard specifically developed for the translation services. Other standards used for translation have little to no relevance.

Technology has become an integral part of the translation industry. Not only does it help our translators achieve more consistent translations at faster turnaround rates, it actually adds much more in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. At Maven International, we believe that technology and innovation are the way forward.

Maven International is an official SDL partner, the world leader in computer assisted translation tools.  

As part of our strategic growth plans, we partnered with SDL, the global leader in translation technology and tools. It is worth mentioning that we are the first (and so far only) SDL partners in South East Asia, the second in Turkey and Kazakhstan.

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