Why Technology

Technology has become an integral part of the translation industry. Not only does it help our translators achieve more consistent translations at faster turnaround rates, it actually adds much more in terms of quality and cost-effectiveness. At Maven International, we believe that technology and innovation are the way forward.

Maven International is an official SDL partner, the largest computer assisted translation tools producer.                                               

As part of our strategic growth plans, we partnered with SDL, the global leader in translation technology and tools. It is worth mentioning that we are the first (and so far only) SDL partners in South East Asia, the second in Turkey and Kazakhstan.

How technology helps our clients achieve quality translation at faster and lower rates

The technology benefits are realized in large volume translations over certain periods of time. This is achieved by leveraging and reusing previously translated documents (same language pairs, content, context, vocabulary..etc.) to expedite the translation process. This leads to higher efficiency and consistency levels in translation projects in terms of quality and terminology management, enabling us to provide discounts to long term clients and large volume translations.

What we do

Automated Quality Assessment

To eliminate the possibility of human error, we use a translation specific quality assurance tool. Unlike standard spell checker, it allows us to take both source and target content into consideration, as well as subjective and objective aspects of the translation. It can easily detect minor nuances that may have been overlooked, such as numbers, dates, and figures, and highlight potential issues with the translation. Terminological consistency is verified as well.

Terminology Management

We understand that each organization has its own unique terminology, communication methods, acronyms, preference in choice of words, phrases that define their brands…etc. Terminologies form the building blocks of the translation process. We believe that prioritizing terminology management significantly improves the quality of the end result. Our technology allows us to build segregated term bases for various clients and languages.

Translation Memories

Our technology allows us to preserve translation memory files, which can only be done with client consent. Translation memory means consistent translations of similar documents over long periods of time.

Connecting to your environment

Connecting to your document management systems, content management systems (websites), code repositories, for seamless and integrated localization & translation solutions.

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Secure Client Portal

We offer secure client portal for a smooth collaboration and cooperation for large projects and long term clients. It's used for handling quotations, invoices, receiving and dispatching files, placing orders as well as corporate reports. Click here to access client portal if you're registered.

Cloud collaboration

Cloud collaboration for translator teams with shared translation assets in order to achieve consistency and standardization of large and long term translation projects