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More than just portal: how we manage and keep your data secure

Maven International works with a project management system that can be accessed by our clients, employees and vendors. 

Powered by XTRF, it offers functionality, secure communication, and data storage capacity better than traditional emails or FTP. 

The portal’s main benefits can be summarized as follows: 

1) Centralized storage and project tracking. It acts as a central point for tracking projects, quotations, invoices, translation files (such as source and target content). This helps in storing and managing all our operations and communications in a clear and transparent manner, irrespective of the complexity, volume and frequency of any potential collaboration. 

2) Unlimited access points. We provide you with as many access points for your colleagues as you may require under your corporate account. The users may have different roles and user rights, such as “accountant”, “finance”, “project manager” etc. For example, you may set it up so that only specific users are able to approve quotations, whereas others might only have viewing access to documents like invoices and quotations. 

3) Data Security. One of the reasons we implemented this portal is that many of our clients specifically stress the importance of confidentiality. Some of them strictly forbid the usage of email correspondence to send and receive documents as a matter of internal policy. It is important to note that the portal is ISO certified for information security management. This applies to the client portal, our internal project management system, and vendor portals. They are all interlinked; once you upload documents for translation through the portal, we can directly share them with relevant translators and reviewers, thereby bypassing emails. Our translators then upload the translated files to the system using their portal. Long story short: no files are ever shared through emails. That said, we also have strict internal security procedures, guides, as well as NDAs that are mandatorily signed with all our vendors and employees. 

4) Unlimited storage. Your original and translated documents get access to unlimited storage. The only limit is on the size of individual files, which is set at 1 GB per file. The translated bilingual files as well as project quotations and invoices are all accessible through the portal. This is particularly important when you have numerous files that require translation, considering they often get lost in never-ending email threads.

5) Lead time reduction. You may request quotations and launch projects directly from the portal, which would significantly reduce the lead time. You may read more on the portal itself here.

You may find the access to the portal in the top right corner of our website.