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Translation process workflows?

Before going into details, it’s necessary to know and understand the definitions and terms involved in localization industry.  

Below is the most typical workflows that are found in localization industry starting from the most basic to the most advanced.

Machine Translation + Human Post Editing (MTPE)

Suitable for very large volume not very critical information, where understanding only required. Also its very suitable for short lived content (subtitling, running line in news, posts in social media etc) or translations that simply aim to shed some light on the content of a text for a foreign-language reader.  This service is commonly referred to as MTPE (Post Machine Translation Editing).  

Human translation + human revision

Most popular and trusted form of translation. This workflow is performed by two independent linguists to ensure accuracy of the translation. Suitable for critical, complex information, such as technical documents, contracts, important correspondences, memos, announcements, letters, and marketing material. Most recommended process for expert translation. ISO 17100 requires that translation is revised at least once after being translated. 

Human translation + revision + proofreading  (TEP)

Suitable for translations meant for publishing, such as books, website content, articles, etc. This workflow is commonly referred as TEP.

Human translation + revision + (proofreading) + review

As an extra option we may add review stage (skipping or keeping proofreading stage) which is monolingual examination of target language content for its suitability for the agreed purpose. This is performed by subject matter specialist. These steps are important for something that is meant for publishing and of highly technical nature. It also could be very important that the readers understand the message precisely. Example could be: manual for the machine usage, safety instructions at oil and gas plant etc.

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