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Maven International is a language service provider offering esteemed, tech savvy and cost-effective solutions. With over a decade of experience in managing translation and interpretation projects, we have partnered with top organizations worldwide, providing professional services in over 100 languages.

Translation Services

Maven International provides seamless and integrated turn-key translation solutions. We can connect to your platform and directly interact with its content management system, providing you with a ready-to-use localized end product. From graphic design files to scanned documents and images, as well as subtitles, website content, and software localization needs – in whatever format your content may be – we’ve got you covered. 

Interpretation Services

Interpretation is the rendering of oral speech from one language to another in spoken word. Usually, interpreters are present on-site and perform their tasks in settings such as meeting rooms, conference halls or courtrooms where involved parties speak different languages.

360 Degree Language Support​

Our most customer-centric and comprehensive service is the streamlining and standardizing of your content across all platforms and channels in as many languages as you require. This approach facilitates an increase in both quality and cost-effectiveness. Contact us today for more information.


We understand the importance of industry specific approach in our services: